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Ref: G S 0 letter No.Accts/Misc/868 dated 26th July, 2000

I am directed to convey the approval of the Competent Authority who in accordance with Serial No.18 of Annex-11 of Finance Division's Memorandum No.F.3 (4) Exp.lll/2000, dated306-2000, para5 (a), has been pleased to approve for the fees of the service charges levied on the shipping companies and agents concerned for all work done by the Government Shipping Office, in connection with engagement or discharge of crew, endorsing/copying ships articles, grant of port clearances and inquiries into births on-board ships etc. at the under mentioned scale

1. Fees for engagement of seafarers Rs. 40/-
2. Fees for discharge of seafarers Rs. 40/-
3. Grant of inward/outward clearance of ships and in anticipation Rs. 600/-
4. Inquiries into/births on board ships Rs. 600/-
5. Settlement of disputes/mutiny, strikes on ships, opening/ closing of Articles of
Agreement at:
a. Karachi Rs. 600/-
b. Port Qasim Authority Rs.1500/-
c. Outer Anchorage Rs.2000/-
6. Endorsements on Ships Articles of Agreement Rs. 600/-
7. Copying Charges of Articles of Agreement Rs. 120/-
8. Fee for the same services mentioned in above Serial 3 to 7, for work done
after office hours on working days, on Holidays and Sundays (in addition) Rs. 400/-
9. Change /Extension Cancellation of Certificate of Engagement per seafarer Rs. 50%-
10. Selection/Scrutinyf of documents and entry of crew per seafarer Rs. 20/-
11. Issue of Medical Examination Form referring to Port Health Officer, Civil Surgeon
(Central), appeals to Medical Board and Appellate Board per seafarer Rs. 25/-
12. Payment/ Disbursement of death compensation and other dues to legal heirs
Successors after scrutiny of papers including delivery of personal effects of the
Deceased seamen (to be paid by the concerned shipping Company/Agency) - Rs. 100/-
13. Settlement of disciplinary cases of crew Petty Officer and Officers to be paid by
the concerned shipping company/Agency. Rs. 100/-
14. To place the case in Seamen Employment Board and settle the same on
Shipping company's request and resubmit the same for decision /
Reconsideration on request to be paid by the shipping company /
agency per case Rs. 100/-
15. Amendments/entry in CDC or Roster Book except death cases Rs. 250/-
16. Urgent preparation of CDC and delivery of the same per CDC (in addition). Rs. 500/-
17. Dealing with court cases to be paid by the concerned shipping company/ agency. Rs.1000/-
18. Notification for selection of seamen Rs. 100/-
19. Issuance of Service Record Summary (Pt time) To be doubled in case of
duplicate/ triplicate Rs. 500/-
20. Issuance of Cookery Certificate (1`' time) To be doubled in case of duplicate /
triplicate Rs. 500/-
21. Verification of engage seafarers list for the purpose of renewal of Recruitment Licence Rs. 10/-
(per seafarer)