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Karachi, the 9TH December, 2004


In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 245 of the Merchant Shipping Ordinance-2001 (LII of 2001), the Federal Government is pleased to constitute Central Maritime Advisory Committee (CMAC) as under :

(a) Shipping Master of Government Shipping Office as Ex-officio, Chairman of the Committee.,
(b) Deputy Shipping Master, of Government Shipping Office as Ex-officio Secretary and Member of the Committee
(c) One representative from Pakistan National Shipping Corporation as member;
(d) One representative of Private Ship owners as Member;
(e) Two representatives of Manning Agents as Members;
(f) Two representatives of Seamen as Members (to be nominated by the Directorate of Labour or NIRC, whichever applicable).

2. The functions of the Committee shall be as per provisions of Section 245(2) of the Pakistan Merchant Shipping Ordinance. 2001 namely:

a) to prevent and adjust differences between ship owners and seamen;
b) to advise the Federal Government on any improvements to made in the system of recruitment of seamen;

(c) to advise the Federal Government on the improvements or modifications to be made in the term and conditions of employment of seamen, such as. standardization of their rates or wages. hours of work, manning scale, and similar other matters;
(d) to advise the Federal Government on the steps to be taken for ameliorating unemployment among seamen; and
(e) to advise the Federal Government on any other matter relating to seamen which may be referred to it.

3. Rules of Business of the Committee shall be as under:

3.(a) Term of the Members of the Committee.
The term of office members shall not exceed more than two years. Except Ex-officio Chairman and Ex-officio Secretary of the Committee. Other members shall be nominated by their respective organizations at least one month before the expiry of their member's term and the names to be forwarded to the Shipping Master, who shall request. the Ministry of Ports and Shipping for notifying the same.

3,(b) Meetings of the Committee-. (i) The Committee shall hold its normal meetings once, in a quarter.

(ii) A notice for holding the meetings shall be given not less than 14 days to the members of the Committee.

(iii) An extra-ordinary meeting of the Committee may be called by the Chairman or on the requisition of not less than three members of the Committee in addition PNSC requisition is compulsory.

(iv) For convening an. extra-ordinary, meeting of the Committee 7 days clear notice shall be given to the members.

3.(c) Quorum - The quorum of the meetings of the Committee shall be of not less than four members in which representative of PNSC Government and at least one member from seamen are present.

3.(d) No TA/DA or any other allowance shall be admissible to members of the Committee.

4. All acts, proceedings and, recommendations of the Committee shall be subject to the approval of the Federal Government. The Federal Government may as it deem fit, modify or reject all or any of the acts, proceedings or recommendations of the Committee.