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The main function of the Shipping Office is to superintend and facilitate the engagement and discharge of Pakistani seamen and issue them their service record book in the manner provided in the Pakistan Merchant Shipping Ordinance 2001, and the rules prepared there under and enforcement of various ILO maritime conventions. The functions of the Shipping Office, in brief, are hereunder: -

  • To issue SSB (Seamen Service Book) and seamen identity cards to seamen for employment on board merchant ships as per Government policy and maintains their service records in the Shipping Office.
  • To administer the various provisions of the Merchant Shipping Ordinance and Rules there under and to implement Government directives on the employment of registered seafarers.
  • To open Articles of agreement for engagement of crew on ships and to superintend engagement and discharge of officers and seamen.
  • To settle disputes regarding wages, overtime allowance, food, water and accommodation and conduct of seafarers etc., which arise between employers and seafarers.
  • To see that the arrangements are made for the maintenance abroad and repartition of distressed seamen.
  • To examine the ship’s papers and grant of port clearance to incoming and outgoing merchant ships.
  • Computerization of Seamen data and routine working of the Government Shipping Office.
  • Recommendation to Government on Seamen Employment through Central Maritime Advisory Committee (C.M.A.C).
  • Promotion of welfare of Seamen through National Welfare board.
  • To supply crew to all Pakistani & Foreign Ships. 
  • To maintain lists of Pakistani seamen registered under the Pakistan Merchant Shipping (Seamen’s Employment) Rules, 1961 and as amended 1997.
  • To realize Government dues (revenue receipts) for services from shipping companies /Manning Agencies.
  • To arrange medical examination of seamen at the time of issue of SSB and their biennial medical check up by the Port Health Officer.
  • To maintain liaison with the Maritime Board and Welfare boards for Welfare of Seamen of Pakistan.
  • To arrange Deferred Credit and Gratuity payment to Pakistani seamen serving on foreign ships.